Keeping Jovie’s Joints as Happy as her Name

Jovie is a 9-year-old Kelpie, owned by the practice manager of our Stirling clinic, and comes up and visits us occasionally to have some time out of the house. She constantly impresses us with her obedience and tricks, which she learned working on a farm. When Jovie was young, she had not one, but two traumatic injuries to her front right paw. The first one was caused by another dog, and the second was a deep cut of exactly the same area. Unfortunately, the damage was so extensive that we could not hope to completely repair her tendons. Initially, there was some concern that she might not be able to continue to do the things she loves: long walks, running, playing, running, chasing balls and more running. Fortunately for Jovie, her mum is very dedicated to her care and with some time and supportive care, her wounds healed and she slowly returned to relatively normal activity.

Over the years, the scar tissue in her paw has become painful and can flare up. Like many of us, winter tends to be the worst for this and Jovie came into the clinic for another assessment. She is on multiple medications for pain and is fed a special diet in the Hill's range to help with her overall joint health. When she has flare-ups, we manage these with zydax injections - a medication to help her produce more joint fluid to cushion the area. Even though she was feeling worse for wear, she still manages to have her manners when she is in for examination. Hopefully, with the injection, she just had she will be back to feeling her normal self and get back to her favourite past-time - running! Jovie is a testament to how we can use multiple different approaches to manage the same condition and get the best outcome for her.

Written by Dr Peter Atkinson, Veterinarian.

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