Kevin the Clinic Cat

Hello, my name is Kevin. I live at the AdelaideVet Prospect Clinic.

I found myself here in November 2014 after trying to move myself into a new home, where the resident dog apparently didn’t approve. It didn’t take long for the staff here to fall for my charming personality and they let me stay for good.

My day generally starts off at around 8am, where one of my staff feed me my breakfast, sometimes they’re a little bit slow and don’t feed me straight away, but I’m always quick to remind them and meow at them until they do.

After breakfast I like to sneak outside with the Animal Caretaker to have a roll around in the sunshine while they hang up the washing, I never leave the courtyard though, it’s far too scary out there.

Once I’ve had a stretch of my legs I head out into the waiting room to see what’s going on and greet my guests. Sometimes I’m lucky and I get given treats, but only if I show off how clever I am by sitting and shaking hands with one of my staff.


After all the mornings excitement it’s time for a nap. If the waiting room is too busy I head to one of my other favourite nap spots. I often like to sleep in the corner of the vet’s office next to one of my staff while she does her computer work or on top of the hospital cages in the treatment room so I can watch over my staff busy at work. Sometimes a cage door is left open, they often have warmed beds with heat mats in them that are perfect for a little snooze.

After my morning nap I then like to do my lap of the clinic to check out what’s happened while I was asleep.

My favourite time of the year is when we have adoption kittens around, I love to play with them and chase them around, my staff don’t notice but I quite often sneak a little bit of their food – kitten food is delicious! The kittens don’t seem to know how to clean themselves properly at first so I often end up giving them a few pointers and doing it for them. I’m always a little bit sad to see them go, but happy they found new homes to go to, after-all there is only room for one cat in my home!

My staff often buy me different outfits and costumes to wear, I now have a whole wardrobe, I’m not really very keen on wearing a lot of them but I put up with it anyway, it usually only lasts a few minutes and they get bored after they’ve finished taking their photos. I only let them do it because they give me treats afterwards!

Once the day starts to wind down I normally head back out into the waiting room to lay on the reception desk. The waiting room is one of my favourite places to spend my time, all the fun things happen there, I get plenty of attention and people often bring me car keys, leads & scarves to play with.

Soon its closing time and that means my bedtime. My suite is in one of the wards and if I don’t have any over night guests staying I get to roam around the whole ward and sleep where ever I like.

My staff feed me my dinner, give me a cuddle and put me in my room where I’ll spend the night curled up in my comfy bed. Then to do it all again tomorrow!

Come visit me sometime, I love meeting new guests. Hope to see you soon!

If you want to keep up with my adventures follow my new Instagram page @kevinthecliniccat

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