Microchip Miracle

At AdelaideVet, there are many experiences and wholesome moments that spark a passion for the animal Industry in which we work. Whether it is everyday dealings with caring clients and their furry friends, helping and healing of native wildlife to the reuniting of lost pets with their owners – there surely never is a dull moment working at AdelaideVet.

A heart-warming moment that I will always remember was when a lost male ginger cat was dropped off to us at AdelaideVet Prospect by a member of the public. The care for animal wellbeing never ceases to amaze me. Mr Ginger was anxious when he came to us, understandably as we don’t know the turbulent life he may have had before coming to us and now suddenly in a clinic with strange faces staring down at him.

He was taken to our isolation ward and examined by one of our experienced vets; he was a healthy boy and thankfully was microchipped. Microchipping cats can be overlooked and seen as a dogs only thing, but microchipping your pets, whether it’s a dog, cat or even smaller pets like rabbits can be a saving grace in unexpected situations. His name was Henry, and when we said his name he knew it, responding to it being said, even after all this time. Through the scanning of his microchip, he had a name again, and we also had contact details for his owner.

Henry was a young boy’s gift for his Birthday nine years ago. Making Henry slightly older than what we had originally thought. We were able to call the number attached to the microchip; a woman answered the phone who knew about a lost ginger cat. The woman said that through a previous marriage Henry was given to a boy and that even though she couldn’t care for the cat herself she may know someone who would want to. We were able to get in contact with the little boy who was gifted Henry nine years prior, except no longer a child - now a man in his mid-twenties.

This man came to the clinic that day to see, what we hoped, was his old friend. When we brought Henry out to the waiting room both sets of eyes lit up. The man picked Henry up, both instantly recognising each other. All notes of anxiety had washed from Henry as he was now in familiar arms again, being hugged by someone who he thought he would never see again. Henry went home that day, after taking care of himself for nine years on his own he was able to be cared for again.

This is only one example of heartfelt moments that stick with us as people who work in the animal industry.

Please note some names and facts have been changed due to client confidentiality and the image included isn't of the found cat.

Written by Heather Draper, Animal Caretaker

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