Picking the Perfect Dog Breed for Your Lifestyle

Choosing to get a new family member is an exciting process for any family. Four-legged friends can add so much to our lives and can be the perfect addition to our family. Picking a breed that suits your lifestyle is imperative when selecting a furry friend.

Things to consider when choosing a dog breed include:

  • The energy level of the breed (i.e. how active is the dog)
  • The size of the dog when they are fully grown
  • Health concerns that are common for the breed
  • Grooming requirements (i.e. coat & how much the breed malts)
  • Temperament of the breed
  • Is the breed tolerant to the Australian climate? 
  • What 'group' does the dog belong to (i.e. toy, terrier, gundogs, hounds, working, utility & non-sporting)
  • What was the dog bred to do? (herding, retrieving, guarding)

Some elements to consider regarding your family's lifestyle include:

  • How often is there someone home?
  • How active is your family?
  • Is your family prepared to take the dog to obedience classes/training?        
  • Are there children in your family & how old are they? 
  • Do you want an inside or outside dog?
  • Would a puppy or older dog best suit your family?    
  • Your financial situation, can your family afford to own a pet? (food, equipment, training, vet bills etc.)
  • How big is your property & how much room will the dog have? 
  • Are there other pets already in the household?
  • Do any family members have allergies to pets?
  • Ensuring you choose an age & breed that is appropriate for your life-stage

Considering all of these components prior to getting a dog can help to ensure your pooch is a seamless fit for your family. After all, pets can be members of our family for 12+ years. Dogs contribute so much to our lives and having a pet that suits your family brings so many years of joy and companionship. 

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