Teddy Puts His Best Foot Forward

Teddy has fast become a team favourite at AdelaideVet Trinity Gardens with his happy-go-lucky attitude! He has shown exceptionally good behaviour during over a month of bandage changes following surgery to remove some cancerous lumps. Teddy is so well behaved he doesn’t even need anyone to help keep him still, preferring to lay patiently for us to finish before getting his reward of belly-rubs and chicken!

A couple of months ago Teddy’s owner noticed that he had a couple of small lumps on his foot and brought him in to get them checked by the vets. Some samples were taken in consult using a technique called a fine needle aspirate biopsy where a small needle is inserted into the lumps to get some cells. These cells are then placed on a slide and sent to the lab. Sadly for Teddy and his owners, the lumps were diagnosed as mast cell tumours which can be a very nasty type of cancer. They were surgically excised and sent to the lab to make sure they were fully removed!

Thankfully, because Teddy’s owners got them checked early we were able to successfully remove the entire tumour with a good margin! Teddy should be just fine once he has recovered from surgery but his owners will be sure to keep a close eye out of any other little lumps or bumps.

It is important to check your pet over regularly for any new lumps, particularly as they age. If you feel any new lumps or find that any existing lumps have changed in size, shape or are bothering your pet make sure to bring them in for a check-up as soon as possible. 

If you're worried about a lump on your pet, please contact us here.

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