The Top 12 Xmas Tips For Pets

The tree is up, presents are wrapped, food preparations are beginning and the Festive season is in the air. Christmas is around the corner. This isn’t just an exciting time for us it also lends itself to many exciting opportunities for our furry friends too. Decorations to play with and wrapping paper to hide under-the choices are endless. Here are 12 tips to make the Christmas period with your furry loved ones run smoothly.
  1. Real Christmas Trees – Whilst the smell and ambience of a real tree is one to behold, they do pose a threat to our pets. The oils in the tree are mildly toxic and can cause upset tummies. The needles can become embedded in paws or scratch corneas. To help eliminate these, sweep needles of the floor regularly and close the door to where the tree is when not home.
  2. Ornaments – Decorating your home with special Christmas ornaments can be a family tradition however one should be mindful not to clutter your pet’s usual play spaces with these objects as they can be knocked over, nibbled on or even swallowed.
  3. Strings of lights – The rope lights or fairy lights that hang on your tree and around your house are tempting chew items for your furry ones. Try and place them up high and turn off at the powerpoint when not in use.
  4. Wrapping hazards – Keep the door shut while wrapping presents as string or curling ribbon can be easily swallowed. Any ribbons, bow or ornaments attached to presents should be firmly secured so they can’t be ingested.
  5. Antifreeze – Don't use antifreeze to try and keep Christmas trees fresh. The smell of antifreeze is extremely alluring and is very toxic and can be fatal for our four-legged friends. Try and find alternatives to this nasty household toxin.
  6. Chocolate – Everyone loves to find a stash of chocolate in their stocking on Christmas morning. Please do not share these with your furry friends, especially dark chocolate. Not only is chocolate toxic it can upset their tummies and leave an unexpected Christmas mess!
  7. Dangling decorations – Tinsel, baubles, and hanging decorations provide endless hours of entertainment for your feline friend. Apart from your tree being stripped, anything removed from the tree can be ingested. Also, remember to hang any chocolate decorations high up.
  8. Tempting treats – The smell of Christmas is a tempting time for anyone’s senses. Avoid leaving food unattended. Chicken and turkey bones, in particular, can become lodged in throats if swallowed and raisins from the Christmas Pudding are toxic to dogs.
  9. Pretty plants – While not so common in Australia, hanging mistletoe or holly for cheeky kisses beside the Christmas tree is a festive favourite. They are however dangerous to pets (the leaves, not the kisses!) and have varying levels of toxicity. The side effects depend on how much of the plant is consumed but can be life-threatening.
  10. A busy house – if you’re hosting Christmas this year be mindful to remember your pet’s normal routines, especially feeding and exercising to avoid them becoming unsettled and missing out on all the Christmas cheer.
  11. Holidays – If you’re going away on holiday and you can’t take your pet, remember to keep them up-to-date with vaccinations so their stay in the boarding kennel or with friends and relatives is a safe and enjoyable one.
  12. Fireworks – Firework displays are an essential part of the festive season. While we love to wonder at the bright lights that fill our sky, just remember that this is a distressing time for most pets. Please keep them locked indoors during these times of festivity so they are still there to greet you when you return home.

If you need any more advice regarding caring for your pet over the Christmas period, search 'Christmas' on our website or give our team a call.

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