Vet Nurse Day 2016

Every October the team at AdelaideVet looks forward to celebrating Vet Nurses Day, a day when we get to celebrate and thank our dedicated and hard working team of veterinary nurses. 

Vet Nurses Day is an initiative of the VNCA (Veterinary Nurses Council of Australia) to acknowledge the contributions that veterinary nurses make to a number of aspects of animal health and welfare, including supporting veterinarians, pet owners and patients alike. 

Veterinary nursing can include very varied roles in a number of different aspects of the animal services industry; it could include general practice health care, zoological health care, rehabilitation, behavior, emergency services, specialist surgery, grooming and wildlife & conservation.

Qualified veterinary nurses study dutifully for a number of years to obtain their certificates and diplomas, alongside working long and sometimes unusual hours. Along with the perks of a career in vet nursing (such things as seeing puppies and kittens almost every day, hand raising and successfully releasing orphaned wildlife, forming bonds with families and their pets and sending a recovered patient back home after a stay in hospital), come the many changes of clothing and scrubs during their shifts (usually after getting a number of things, which we will not mention here, all over them!) and being mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted after each shift.

The nurses at AdelaideVet are a dedicated team of qualified and experienced professionals, they are an invaluable part of our service to pets and their owners and we would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for everything that they do!

This year to celebrate Vet Nurses Day we showed our nurses how much they meant to us by providing a free lunch to each clinic for everyone to share and celebrate! It is always so much fun when we can take the time to eat together (instead of on the run!) and check in with how everyone is going. 

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