Wildlife Care

Did you know that in addition to seeing your pets at AdelaideVet, we also care for wildlife? We look after everything from possums, birds, blue tongue lizards, koalas and more! If you see injured wildlife that you can safely capture, we encourage you to bring it into your local AdelaideVet clinic for assessment and treatment or to call and ask us for advice.

When you bring in injured wildlife, we will transfer them to our hospital to provide immediate care and initial assessment. Common injuries we see include dog or cat attacks, motor vehicle injuries, and generally looking unwell.

We will then ask you some questions such as, where did you find it? What did you see happen? How long has it been like this? Our vet will then conduct a physical exam, looking for broken bones, swellings, signs of skin infections, checking all their legs, body and face. For possums and koalas, we will check if it’s a female, and look inside their pouch. Sometimes we find the smallest joey inside their pouch! We can then take x-rays if we suspect any broken bones, give pain relief and some food. We always have a stock of eucalyptus leaves for our koalas, and some fruit for possums.

Once we have decided that the animal is okay to be released back into the wild, we call our wonderful wildlife carers. We keep a good relationship with many groups who love wildlife as much as we do. They will then provide the final nursing care, and release them back into the wild once fully recovered.

We provide this as a community service and we don’t charge people for bringing in wildlife. We like to give back to our local community and help the native animals that live among us.

Written by Dr Melanie Soda, Veterinarian.

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