Zahli's Not So Routine Visit

Introducing Zahli- a vibrant, tail wagging, treat loving, face-licking Staffy cross who came into our clinic for a fairly routine check-up… or so we thought.

Zahli presented to our Goodwood clinic for itchy ears and licking paws, a fairly common presentation in the average general practice veterinary clinic. On Zahli’s physical exam though, enlarged lymph nodes under her jaw and on her hind legs were noted.

Lymph nodes, which serve an important role in the lymphatic system, circulate white blood cells in the bloodstream to fight infection. We were able to take a sample from the enlarged nodes which suggested underlying lymphoma.

On average, dogs diagnosed with multicentric lymphoma have an average survival of 4-8 weeks without treatment, although many cases respond well to medical therapy.

An enlarged lymph node was then surgically removed from her hind limb to stage the disease, which confirmed a diagnosis of B cell lymphoma. Zahli’s dedicated owners opted to pursue chemotherapy and she was then referred to a veterinary oncologist for treatment.

Two months on, Zahli came to visit the Goodwood team to say thanks, have a good scratch and of course enjoy a few treats.

Zahli was as vibrant as ever and had not suffered any ill effects from the chemotherapy drugs. Her owner even remarked that you would never know anything was wrong with her!

Zahli’s story is a good reminder of the importance of regular routine vet checks thorough physical exams, and of course of the bravery of one little Staffy.  

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