The Golden Retriever was developed through judicious crossbreeding of various gundogs on the estate of Lord Tweedmouth at Inverness Shire in Scotland. The purpose was to create a powerfully-built, agile hunting dog that could retrieve waterfowl under conditions of extreme wet and cold.

Today the Golden Retriever is a superb sporting animal and a companion dog par excellence. They make ideal family pets and are a dog for all seasons and all reasons, with a style and personality all their own. The “Golden” is a friendly, fun-loving character who enjoys life to the full. Gentle, affectionate and ultra-patient, they make an outstanding children’s playmate, plus gets on well with other pets.

Their attractive butterscotch-coloured jacket is a hallmark of the breed, as are their lovely dark rimmed eyes, and smiling expression.


Approximately 51-61cm


Approximately 27-36kg


Possessed of great intelligence, ultra-sensitive, and very responsive to training, they excel at obedience. This is a breed that loves to help out, and craves participation in all aspects of family life. The Golden Retriever can always be relied upon to act in a gentlemanly fashion, with beautiful manners and endearing demeanour winning friends wherever they go.


Usually lives up to 11 years but with the correct diet and care can live up to 13 years.

Grooming and care

The glamorous double coat requires weekly grooming to prevent the hair from matting.


A moderately active breed, the Golden Retriever needs regular exercise including a daily walk.


The Golden Retriever is best suited to a well-fenced house or property. They prefer companionship and when left alone for long periods of time, become a little destructive.