Coveted for their hunting prowess, the Irish Wolfhound was, by law, originally only permitted to be owned by kings, nobles and poets. He hunted wolves, wild boar and the gigantic Irish elk. As you might imagine, this necessitated great courage, size, strength and stamina – all qualities the Wolfhound has in great abundance. Today the Irish Wolfhound is primarily a much-loved pet and companion.


Dogs minimum 79cm
Bitches minimum 71cm


Weight Dogs minimum 54.5kg
Bitches minimum 40.8kg


Despite their massive size, the Irish Wolfhound thrives on being a house dog. Very much a creature of home and hearth, who enjoys being at the hub of family activities. They are gentle and devoted, with unswerving loyalty and impeccable manners. The Wolfhound has an extremely placid and trusting disposition, except when aroused, and is usually wonderful with children. Their enormous size and commanding appearance proves a very real deterrent to would-be intruders.


Up to 8+ years

Grooming and care

Their natural looking rough-textured coat comes in a variety of attractive tonings, and is easily maintained.


The Wolfhound requires plenty of room in which to gallop around and at least a daily walk. A well-fenced yard is a must.