Does your dog eye off your evening meal, jump up on the dining table or whine for a taste of your dinner plate? Begging can be considered either endearing or a nuisance depending on your viewpoint and situation. If your canine is causing a nuisance at meal time here are some helpful tips on how to deal with your little beggar.

Routine – have a set feeding regime. For example feed him twice a day at the same time, and the same types of foods so he/she can distinguish between dog food and human food.

Coordinate your meal times – feed your dog when you are about to sit down to eat so he is fully occupied during mealtimes.

Segregation – restrict your pet from the dining room at dinner time.

Never give in – if you have indicated, “no”, do not give in, not even once.

Good manners taught – Hold a desirable piece of food in your closed hand. Whatever your dog does by way of begging/nudging do not open your hand. When he/she relaxes and accepts the fact you are in control by sitting patiently, say ‘take it’ and open your hand. Waiting for the correct command is training an acceptable behaviour and reinforces to your dog that good manners work and bad manners don’t.

Never punish – your dog will end up confused as he/she won’t understand why they are being punished

A well-mannered dog is a pleasure to have around. Remember, be in charge, stay in control and provide positive reinforcement when your dog does a great job!