Breed identification - DNA analysis

Breed Identification Through Scientific Analysis is a leading-edge breed identification test that uses enhanced DNA analysis to provide an accurate history of your dog's breed. It works by applying the latest DNA science to analyse hundreds of snippets of your dog's DNA where dog breed information is found. These snippets are then cross referenced against an extensive genetic database to provide a breed signature - or a series of breed signatures.

How will your dog be tested?

Safe and painless, the non-invasive cheek swab test is easy to complete by rubbing cotton swabs on the inside of your dog's cheek.

Benefits of more information about your breed's identification

  • Identifies the breeds that make up your dog
  • Offers insight into behaviour and personality
  • Uncovers potential health issues
  • Applies a simple, safe and non-invasive sampling method
  • Gives you the assurance of knowing who your dog really is
  • Enables you to form an even closer bond with your loved pet

What do the results include?

Your results will be presented to you in a detailed Dog Breed Specificity Report covering all of the key features which make up your dog's breed, including:-

A listing of the breeds detected, broken down into primary (parent), secondary (grandparent) and distant (great grandparent)
A comprehensive analysis of each breed highlighting

  • historic profile
  • behavioural traits
  • physical characteristics
  • general health issues

In addition to the Dog Breed Specificity Report, your pack will also include an official test results certificate and a doggy passport. 

How accurate is the test?

The breed signatures have been generated from over 20,000 known pure breed dogs. The manufacturers are confident that the breed signatures are an accurate representation of the breeds they claim to detect. The databases and breed signatures are being continually updated with new breeds and additional reference samples so that they can continue to provide clients with the most accurate results. Currently, they proudly maintain greater than 95% accuracy for all test results. 

How can you organise a test?

Call us to make an appointment for a breed identification test or alternatively, you can fill out the form below.  We have swab tests in stock so when you visit we will perform the swab test on your dog. This is a free visit performed by one of our qualified veterinary nurses. The test is then sent off to a professional laboratory for analysis. Approximately 15 days afterwards you will receive your report in the mail.

How much does it cost?

The test, including the comprehensive report and a wellness consultation with one of our veterinarians will cost $215*. 
*Additional charges may apply 

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