Genetic screening - disease detection

With generations of in-breeding, genetic diseases are becoming more common. Affected animals can suffer from a reduction in quality of life as well as a reduced lifespan as a result of genetic problems. The good news is, a relatively simple screening test can help to identify genetic diseases that are of risk to your pet.

The test is conducted by mouth swab and can provide us with:-

  • information about potential diseases that may affect your pet now and in the future
  • assistance in the early diagnosis and treatment of any identified disease 
  • information so we can regularly monitor related problems associated with disease progression
  • selecting the best breeding animals and helping to eliminate disease
  • giving confidence to new pet owners that they have or are purchasing a well bred, quality pet
  • ensuring you are well informed of the status of the dog you have purchased

Types of genetic diseases, screening can help us to identify

Many diseases are covered by the genetic disease screen such as Cardiomyopathy, Retinal Atrophy, Von Willebrands Disease and Cataracts to name a few. The tests have been developed specifically for the Australian canine population and are breed selective meaning we will select tests for your dog on the basis of their breed.

Testing by breeds

The genetic test we select for your pet will be relevant to your dog's breed. For example in Border Collies we will be screening for diseases such as Collie Eye Anamoly, Ivermectin Sensitivity, Merle and Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis.

If your dog is a mixed breed this does not exclude your pet from testing.

We have a puppy genetic screen which allows a full genetic disease analysis to be carried out. Just because your dog is a mixed breed does not necessarily mean that they will not have a genetic disease. Mixed or undetermined breeds can be made up of one a mixture of breeds and therefore can inherit the genetic disorder found in that breed. Our puppy genetic screen allows you to request a screen of all diseases with results reported back on all diseases.

Breed identification

Breed identification is also possible with our DNA profiling test read more here>>

How much will you pay for a genetic test?

Please contact us for up to date pricing on genetic testing for your pet.

How do you organise a test for your pet?

Simply contact us to make an appointment for a breed identification test or alternatively, you can fill out the form below.  When you visit we will perform the swab test on your dog. This is a free visit performed by one of our qualified veterinary nurses. The test is then sent off to a professional laboratory for analysis. Approximately 15 days afterwards you will receive your report in the mail. 

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