Rehabilitation Programs

We are all very excited about our new rehabilitation program at Adelaide Animal Hospitals, Trinity Gardens and Prospect Road Veterinary Hospital!

Lucky - two weeks post surgery at his third laser session

Dr Emma and her team of rehabilitation nurses; Michelle, Simone and Arin, are ready to assist with pain management and range of motion for all pets who may need a bit of extra care.

Rehabilitation plans encompass massage therapy, controlled exercise programmes and therapeutic laser therapy all specifically tailored to the individual patient’s needs and ability.

The best part is we encourage you, the owner, to have active participation in the programmes ensuring the best outcome for your beloved pet.

If your furry friend has had a large orthopaedic surgery, is recovering from an injury, suffering with osteo-arthritis or is elderly/geriatric, then rehabilitation may be able to increase their healing and comfort levels. Contact the Trinity Gardens or Prospect Road clinics today to make an appointment.


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