Important Information for Total Wellness Plan Dog Members

Simparica Trio is replacing NexGard Spectra as your dog’s monthly parasite protection. This is a new extensively tested product now available in Australia that provides optimal protection for your dog.

Simparica Trio aligns with best practice guidelines in Australia for protecting against common parasites using the most effective and safe active ingredients.

Simparica Trio allows simple, palatable monthly dosing that follows recommended best standards of care for your dog.

Please note this changes applies only to Total Wellness Plan Dog’s currently using NexGard Spectra.

Fleas, Ticks and Mites

  • Fast and effective against fleas killing 100% of fleas
  • Starts working in just 4 hours and 100% of fleas killed in only 8 hours
  • Protects against fleas for 35 days which gives you peace of mind if you’re every slightly late with your monthly dose
  • Protects against paralysis ticks and brown dog ticks
  • Off label protection against mites*

Intestinal Worms

  • Proven efficacy against common intestinal worms that follows best practice guidelines. These are worms that can be passed on to humans, so it is important to protect against not just for your dog but also your family
  • Treats the most common Roundworm species – two common species and their larvae
  • Treats the most common Hookworm species – two common species and their larvae

  • It is recommended that your dog is given an additional allwormer every 3 months (monthly for dogs 12 weeks – 6 months) for treatment against the less common Whipworm and Tapeworm. This is now included in the Total Wellness Plan at no additional charge.

  • Dogs previously on Nexgard Spectra plans now on Simparica Trio will receive an additional allwormer for protection as per the above recommendations.


  • Safe for dogs from 8 weeks of age
  • Safe for dogs from 1.25 kg
  • Can be given with our without food
  • Pork liver flavoured chewable tablet
  • Safe in heartworm positive dogs
  • Safe in avermectin-sensitive collies and dogs with the MDR1 gene


  • Heartworm is on the rise in Australia
  • Simparica Trio contains the superior Heartworm fighting ingredient Moxidectin which is 100% effective in preventing heartworm disease.
  • Simparica Trio is safe to use in Heartworm positive dogs and does not require your dog to have a Heartworm test before using this product like Nexgard Spectra and some other products on the market.

*Official testing still underway. Please consult with your vet for more information and protection for your dog from mites.