Parsnip is a lovely black and white domestic short-haired cat whose curious nature resulted in a scratch to his eye. Parsnip’s owners where quick to act and presented him to Adelaide Animal Hospital for a weepy sore left eye. A careful eye examination revealed a likely scratch through the clear outside (surface) of Parsnip’s eye (the cornea) resulting in damage to the inner part of his eye (the anterior chamber). Unfortunately in Parsnip’s case nothing could be done to save his damaged eye. Despite intensive medical treatment and pain relief, Parsnip’s left eye developed irreversible blinding changes necessitating in surgical removal of the eye. Surgical eye removal is a last resort treatment, but a necessary procedure if the condition cannot be medically corrected and if the affected eye is swollen and painful.

He has recovered very well after his eye removal surgery and is adjusting to life well with only one eye.

Eye problems are a common presentation and can have serious risks if left unattended. A damaged eye, in any species, left unattended has the potential risk to result in permanent blindness within a short a time frame, in some cases as little as 12-24 hours. Any eye discharge, painful, red, irritated or inflamed eye/s should be investigated immediately by a veterinarian to ensure eye trauma and potential blindness does not occur.