Cats and dogs can get many different dermatology or skin conditions. Some of the more common presentations we see are scratching, biting and licking at themselves, skin ulcerations, parasites such as fleas or mites, fungal infections and skin cancer.

To help us diagnose and thus accurately treat your pet’s skin condition, we offer services such as:

  • Skin scrapings
  • Ear smears
  • Woods lamp and PCR testing for fungi
  • Cytology and various biopsy techniques for lumps and other lesions.
  • Blood tests

Diagnosing and treating Skin Allergies

Allergies to things such as environmental factors (dust mites, fungi, grasses, etc) and foods often manifest as skin itchiness in dogs and cats. We are able to offer a blood test that will tell us how sensitive your pet is to over 90 different antigens. With this knowledge, you can either avoid the irritating substance, or it is possible to have a vaccine made up, thus vaccinating your pet against the things they are allergic to. As well as this diagnostic route, we also offer a range of symptomatic treatments that will alleviate the itch quickly.

Preventing, diagnosing and treating Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is a common concern of owners of animals with light skin; cats with white noses can get squamous cell carcinoma, and sunbaking dogs may get melanomas on unpigmented skin. As preventative measures we offer pet sunscreen and can advise on hats and sunglasses. Diagnosing skin cancer requires that we biopsy the affected area, and often surgical removal is required. If follow up chemotherapy or radiotherapy is required, we are able to offer or arrange this for your pet.

Other recommended treatment options for dermatology problems

Other disease preventatives that we routinely stock include various flea controls, medicated and regular shampoos and conditioners, and a number of prescription diets and food supplements that can help regulate troubled skin.

It is our goal that we diagnose your pets skin disease accurately and thus use the best and most efficient treatment possible, with minimal side effects. We feel it is important to treat skin issues seriously, as they can rapidly get ‘out of control’ and severely affect your pets quality of life and in some cases your own. Call us now if you feel your pets skin needs a thorough assessment by one of our friendly and knowledgeable veterinarians.

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