Indi is a very brave patient who, back in early May this year was unfortunately hit by a car, thus receiving extensive injuries to her hind leg. Indi had torn away a large area of skin over the front part of her ankle, as well as destroying a number of the important tendons and part of her tibia and ankle bones in the accident. Indi’s owners made the hard decision to try and do all they could to save her leg. She had extensive injuries and they would take some time to heal.

Indi was initially treated for her shock and she was exceptionally painful over the injured area. She received many anaesthetics and sedatives over the first few days in hospital as her wounds were dressed / cleaned and her injured tendons repaired. Her wounds were healing well and after 3 weeks her leg was stable enough, and had healed enough to allow a large skin graft to be performed. Skin was removed from her flank and delicately attached to its new location over most of her ankle and foot.

The skin graft enabled the wound to heal significantly faster than it otherwise would have had the wound been left to heal by epithelialization and wound contraction, which is the normal process by which a wound would heal.

Indi’s very dedicated owners ensured that she has been rested and nursed through a long recovery process, but one which has ultimately meant that her leg has been saved and she can go back to a full and active lifestyle. Indi visited us regularly over the 12 weeks of her treatment, and become a welcome and familiar face at the hospital. She is now free of bandages and slowly building up her exercise tolerance.