Veterinary Surgeon – Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

  • Bachelor of Science (Veterinary Bioscience)
  • Bachelor of Technology (Forensic and Analytical Chemistry)

Bachelor of Technology (Forensic and Analytical Chemistry) Dr Helen spent the majority of her childhood around New Zealand and Australia herding and fostering cats and kittens. She graduated from the University of Adelaide in 2023 with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, with a previous degree in Forensics, as well as an Honours in Science from Flinders University. Although she proudly proclaims herself a cat person, she loves all small animals and is interested in working alongside clients to provide the highest quality of care for their furry family members. Helen now spends half her time herding her two kids around town and the other half divided between our Trinity Gardens and Prospect clinics. She has a special interest in Internal Medicine and hopes to one day specialise in that field. Helen looks forward to one day getting back to her interests which include travelling, swimming, Taekwondo, wine tours, and reading books that do not include illustrations for children.