The popular Beagle is a small, pack oriented hunting hound. Although their natural instinct is to hunt, they are highly adaptable and adjust happily to a suburban backyard, as long they have regular exercise to keep fit. As well as a change of scenery, scent and company – either human or another dog.

Average Height

Approximately 33-40 cm

Average Weight

Approximately 12-14kg


Friendly, playful and eager to please, the Beagle can be willful. Possessed of great stamina, determination and a definite mind of his own, this picturesque and personality-plus little hound has a tendency to roam.

The Beagle is lively, active and extremely intelligent, making a devoted friend and companion. Hardy and resilient, they can be happily kept as a house or outside dog.

Good-natured and steady in temperament, the Beagle has an engaging demeanor which endears them to children and adults alike. A handy size for almost all households, with a handsome appearance and musical voice, the Beagle has something to offer just about everyone.


Beagles can live easily to 13 years but with correct diet and care can live up to 16 years of age.

Grooming and care

The Beagle’s short, dense, weatherproof coat which comes in attractive colourings, requires very little grooming. They tend to keep themselves extremely clean.


Regular walk on a lead is essential.


The Beagle requires a well fenced yard. They have very little traffic sense particularly when they have a whiff of a good scent. Nose on, ears off!

They also do not cope well being left alone for long periods of time, which usually results in naughty activities such as digging holes, escapee attempts and an attraction to any clothes left on the line or shoes left at the door.