The Border Collie derives their name from the border between Scotland and England where these dogs first came to prominence, although the breed was very much developed in Australia. One of the supreme sheepdogs of the world, the agile Border Collie has no peer as a working dog. They can run more than 80 km in a day, doing the work of several men.

Acknowledged star of the sheepdog trials, and a brilliant performer in the obedience ring, the Border Collie is never happier than when they are working. As befits a practical working sheepdog, the Border Collie is a healthy, hardy and active breed. The get-up-and-go enthusiasm of this breed, along with devotion to duty and desire to serve their carer, have won the Border Collie a loyal following.






Highly intelligent and responsive to training they excel at obedience, agility and other canine sports. They are keen, alert and extremely loyal companions who love interacting within the family.

Border Collies have a strong herding instinct. This can be quite dangerous if training is not provided as the object of their attention may be children, bicycles or even cars. We recommend supervision around children particularly when your puppy is learning the ropes.


12-14 years

Grooming and care

The Border Collie’s medium, weather-resistant coat is usually black and white, but black, white and tan, chocolate and white, blue and white plus red and white are also correct colourings. They require regular brushing and combing at least once a week to remove hair.


Regular and extensive daily exercise, incorporating activities like ball chasing, is highly recommended. If you are unable to walk exercise your Border Collie every day this is not the breed for you. Without exercise a Border Collie may become destructive and even noisy.

“Full of life and up for any adventure ~ The Border Collie”