There are few dogs with a more playful nature than the Boxer. They are strong, boisterous, active and have a very positive personality. It is believed that the Boxer was developed in Germany to serve the multiple purposes of a guard, working and escort dog. Bred from the Bullenbeisser and the English Bulldog, and originally known as the Brabanter. To provide the necessary speed, dexterity and jumping ability required for the many arduous hikes, riding expeditions, plus varied police and military duty which characterised his working life, the Boxer needed to be an elegant but substantial dog of great power. This legacy has left us with a sound, no-frills animal, whose functional clean-cut lines are very pleasing to the eye.


Dogs 56-61cm
Bitches 53-58.5cm




The Boxer is genuinely a good-natured dog which is in most cases easily trained. They will join in family activities even in their more senior years and are very tolerant around children although they can be boisterous. Despite their often sombre expression, they are known as the clown of the guard dogs. Taking their work very seriously, but are always ready to play!

Boxers are extremely loving and very faithful to their family making them fearless protectors.


9-11 years


Boxer’s have an easy care coat which requires minimal grooming.


A boxer will enjoy as much exercise as possible and without daily exercise (including a run) they may become very boisterous and excitable. Boxers are intelligent canines and will excel at obedience training.

Health concerns

Boxers are susceptible to heatstroke and should not be exercised in the heat of the day. They should always have access to adequate shelter and fresh water.

For the latest research in breed-related problems in Boxers visit the University of Sydney’s website