The Cocker Spaniel’s original purpose in life was to flush out woodcock from the thick hedgerows, gorse and undergrowth of England. They most commonly referred to as “Wood-cocking spaniels” hence today’s name the Cocker Spaniel. Being good swimmers, they were also utilised for retrieving game from the water in marshland areas.






One of the smallest members of the gun dog family, the merry Cocker is today primarily a very handsome and much-loved household pet. Sensitive, highly intelligent and always anxious to please, the Cocker Spaniel is an affectionate and fun-loving dog. Adoring children, enjoying being included in family activities and outings.


14-16 years

Grooming and care

A hardy, long-lived, sturdily built little dog, the Cocker Spaniel is not susceptible to illness, although their long ears require ongoing care and attention, particularly in the grass seed season. Their fine silky coat needs regular grooming and occasional trimming.


The Cocker Spaniel was born for sporting activities, so they need plenty of outdoor exercise. They love nothing more than a country walk with an opportunity to forage about. If this is not possible, an energetic game in the backyard and a good walk will help satisfy the instinct to work and keep fit.

Health concerns

Particular attentions should be paid to keeping hair away from the ears, underbelly and feet by regular trimming.  For the latest research in breed-related problems in Cocker Spaniels visit the University of Sydney’s website.