The feeding requirements of a puppy vary depending on a number of factors including breed type, sex of your dog, age and their activity level.

From birth to about 3-4 weeks of age, a mother’s milk should satisfy a puppy’s nutritional needs. From 4 weeks onwards a puppy will need solid food supplements. Solid food should contain quality nutrients which are balanced and are highly palatable (yummy).

Moving to solid foods can cause some changes. Your puppy may develop an upset stomach or diarrhoea. If diarrhoea persists longer than 24 hours or is severe, please contact us immediately. We also suggest any feeding changes be done gradually and if possible over a 4 day period.

When to feed your puppy

Depending upon your pet’s age, breed and size we recommend feeding 4 meals a day up until 4 months of age. This can be reduced to 3 meals per day up until 6 months and then 2 meals until your dog is an adult. Obviously for some pet owners these time frames may not be possible. As a minimum feed at least twice per day during puppy-hood. Adult dogs should ideally be fed 2 meals a day particularly in large breeds which helps to prevent bloat.

Which puppy food is best?

Premium dog biscuits offer the best all round diet for growing puppies. Premium ranges are developed by veterinary science experts and take into consideration the development of your dog’s body including the immune system and vital organs, skin and coat health as well as stool formation (faeces texture, smell and amount).

Introducing solid food to your dog is easiest done with a small kibble. There are also some brands which offer a rehydratable option. This means the kibble (biscuits) are soaked before feeding which makes it easy for weaning.

Depending on the breed and size of your puppy they should be fed a puppy growth product. There are several products available offering a small breed or large breed variety.

When should you stop feeding your dog puppy food?

The age for transitioning from puppy to adult dog food is based on your dog’s own characteristics, health, lifestyle and the brand of dog food they are being fed. Every dog is different so we strongly recommend you speak with our healthcare team before changing to an adult food. As a basic guide small dogs (<25kg) can change at around 12 months of age, and large dogs (>25kg) can change around 15 months of age. We provide this information with great caution and would prefer for you to contact us at any time to discuss your puppy’s nutritional program.