Burn damage to the surface &/or deeper layers of the skin will occur immediately regardless of the source of burn. Visible signs can be seen immediately or it can take up to 12-24 hours after the accident depending on the cause or type of burn. Burns can be caused by a dry heat, such as, flame, corrosive chemicals, radiation, electricity or cold. A scald is caused by a moist heat, such as hot oil, wax or water.

First aid for a burn

  • Cool the area immediately with cool running water or a cool compress
  • Immerse in or flush with water or apply a cool pack to the effected area for a minimum of 5 minutes
  • Apply a moist, cool compress to the effected area
  • Keep your pet warm by wrapping in a blanket
  • Transport your pet to a vet

If you can’t visit us immediately, please phone us straight away so we can give you further advice while you make arrangements to make your way into the clinic.