An extremely rare breed, the Havana Brown cat was created in England in the 1950’s from the crossing of a male Siamese and a female Siamese x black moggie. A litter of 4 were born, and all but one were black. The one stunning brown male named Elmtower Bronze Idol was considered the first Havana Brown kitten.


The Havana Brown has a distinct triangular shaped head with striking green oval eyes and large ears. They have a muscled, slender build. Their rich mahogany brown colour coat is smooth and glossy, and comes in short to medium length.

Average lifespan

8 – 13 years


The Havana Brown is an intelligent cat that uses their paws to examine objects and communicate with their owners. They are active and playful, and often happy just playing with a favourite toy. The breed has an affectionate and friendly nature, making them a great family pet. Some can get rather attached to one person in the household.

Grooming and care

The Havana Brown’s low maintenance coat requires little grooming. A weekly brush to remove loose hair and dirt is all they need.