These Royal Dogs of China were considered sacred animals and, as such, were bred and carefully guarded in the Imperial Palace where only those within the royal circle were permitted to own one. Theft of a Pekingese was punishable by death.


Approximately 20 cm


Approximately 5.5 kg or less


Can live to 17 years of age


The Pekingese combines marked dignity with an exasperating stubbornness, which serves only to endear him to his owners. He is positive, opinionated, haughty and independent, and employs a condescending cordiality towards the world in general. He displays total devotion, faithfulness and affection towards his owner, with whom he can be quite possessive. He is suspicious of strangers and tends to be quite territorial, making him a very effective little watchdog. The Pekingese has the heart of a lion, combined with a certain quaintness and extreme individuality which sets him apart from other dogs. He is a delight to own and makes a charming family pet, although he is also particularly well suited to being in an adults only environment.

Grooming and care

The Peke’s luxuriant coat requires frequent brushing in order to keep it looking its magnificent best. His prominent eyes are prone to irritation from dust and dirt, and along with the ears and nose wrinkle need to be regularly checked and gently cleaned. He does not care for the heat, so keep an eye on him for possible breathing difficulties during extremes of summer weather.


Regular walk on a lead is adequate.