As one of the world’s largest domestic cats the Ragdoll is believed to have originated in California. There are several opinions on the breeding pair that were responsible for creating the Ragdoll breed, with the most common pointing towards a male Seal Point Birman and a female white Angora type cat.


Ragdolls are fantastic indoor pets due to their easy going, gentle and affectionate nature. As the name suggests, they love being picked up and carried around just like a rag doll and make wonderful companions for children. They are also intelligent and will respond well to training. Most Ragdolls do not enjoy hunting as a past time which is great news for wildlife and fauna lovers.


The Ragdoll has a large build with a medium to large head. The ears are medium-size and feature rounded tips. They have large usually oval eyes, a long bushy tail and a long muscular body with medium legs and large round paws. Commonly Ragdolls are light in colour in the body with dark coloured tones on the ears, mask (face), legs and tails and they range in colour incorporating shades of ivory, cream, chocolate, pink and grey/blue.


Frequent grooming preferably on a daily basis is required to maintain a healthy coat by removing knots, tangles and loose hair.

Health concerns

Ragdolls are a sound cat breed with generally few health problems. LIDA reports Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) as being an inherited disorder but this condition is also one of the most common heart diseases of all cats. Regular veterinary check-ups, routine preventative care and a nutritionally balanced diet will give your cat the best opportunity for a long and healthy life.