With the overwhelming success of Red Dog the movie, it’s not a surprise that hundreds of Australian families have their heart set on a Red Kelpie puppy as their next family addition. To be honest we couldn’t blame them. They are incredibly intelligent, athletic, eager and devoted family pets. However before you start searching for a puppy, here’s a few things you should consider.

What situations do Kelpie’s flourish in?

  • As a working dog, on a farm
  • As a working pet therapy dog
  • As a member of an active family, and where a member of the family walks, jogs or runs on a daily basis or can commit at least thirty minutes to an hour each day for exercise, play or training time
  • In a home with a fully fenced backyard
  • In a home with space and lots of it
  • Where a member of a family can actively be involved in obedience training on a daily basis

Working kelpies can run up to 40 kilometres in a day. Without daily exercise and mental stimulation undesirable and destructive behaviours can soon develop. It is imperative a pet Kelpie be raised within a family who can provide and sustain daily exercise and mental stimulation. If you are considering a Kelpie for your next pet and cannot easily commit to these responsibilities, we suggest considering another breed. Kelpies are extraordinary dogs and the last thing we would like to see is a Kelpie with an irreversible behavioural problem or our local shelters filled with Kelpies in 9-12 months time. On the other hand, if you can provide the right environment and lifestyle for a Kelpie we encourage you to explore this wonderful breed, you will not regret the wonderful relationship and bond you will develop together.