With canine motion sickness being one of the leading reason pet owners are not able to take their dogs on day trips or holidays, we are excited about a treatment option that has been successful for many pets.

This treatment comes at an opportune time when travelling with pets as members of the family is becoming much more popular. There are increasingly more opportunities to take dogs to pet friendly destinations including popular holiday locations.

The medication itself actually prevents vomiting from a wide range of causes, including motion sickness. Worldwide, it has seen thousands of dogs successfully treated for vomiting. The good news is more families will now be able to enjoy the company of their canine companion as they take day trips or longer holidays. With a little pre-trip planning, and with the benefits of this new treatment option, motion sickness no longer needs to be a reason to leave the family dog behind.

About the treatment option

When dogs travel, their balance can be affected by movement. Motion can affect the inner ear which sends signals to the vomiting centre in the brain. Or, they may just feel anxious about the traveling itself and this can initiate a vomiting reflex.

Now your pet can travel from A to B… carsick free, and distress free. A solution is available in an easy-to-give, once-daily tablet. As the medication does not cause drowsiness, dogs will be alert during travel and upon arrival, and will thus be able to enjoy the destination, resulting in a more positive experience for the entire family.

If you are planning a trip soon, make an appointment to see our veterinarian to see if this medication option is suitable for your dog.