The best way to identify which litter and litter box suit your cat is to try a variety of types and styles. If your cat is struggling with toileting issues leave more than one box out, trying different litter types in each box. If you are still having problems, then adjust the cat box size or even add a lid using the most favoured litter type.

In recent studies, researchers found that cats prefer clumping litters and litters with activated carbon. They also found when selecting a fragrant litter, cats prefer cedar scents to other scents, and they also caution the use of citrus based scented litters.

Odour controlling litter

Some odour control litters may deter cats from using their litter box. So if you have recently switched to an odour control litter and your cat is having accidents, try daily litter box scooping (removal) and regular box washing – the best form of odour control.

What size box is best?

It depends on the type of chocolate and the weight of your pet. White chocolate has the least amount of stimulants and dark chocolate has the highest, of which cooking or baking chocolate will cause the most severe symptoms.

A lethal dose of theobromine is 80-200mg per kg, cooking or baking chocolate has 14.1mg per gram of theobromine, dark chocolate has 5.3mg per gram, milk chocolate has 1.4mg per gram, and white chocolate has very little real chocolate in it. If in doubt (and recommended if your pet has eaten chocolate) please contact us so we can evaluate the danger to your pet.

During their studies, researchers have also found that jumbo or large sized boxes often work best. They even suggest trying large plastic storage boxes.

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Research reported in Neilson JC. The latest scoop on litter. Veterinary Medicine 2009