If you have ever lost weight on a diet, only to gain it back again, you will probably be familiar with the term ‘Yo-Yo dieting’. So is it the same for dogs? The answer is yes. Based on a long term study by the University of Liverpool, it is estimated about half of obese dogs will regain weight after successfully losing it. However for our canine companions, there is some good news. It was found the weight gaining dogs only put on half of the original weight lost.

During the study, dogs were switched to a maintenance regime after the original weight loss period. Researchers found the only significant factor which influenced weight regain was the type of food dogs were fed during this maintenance period. Dogs fed a purpose-formulated weight loss diet during the maintenance period, regained less weight than those fed a standard maintenance diet. It was suggested that dogs fed the purpose-formulated weight loss diet were more satisfied due to the increased protein, vitamin and mineral content found in weight loss diets. Therefore, dogs were less likely to seek out extra food or treats.

According to the study, the type of diet used during the weight loss phase had no effect on tendency to rebound. If you would like to find out more about a weight loss programme for your pet, visit our Weight Loss Clinic.

“Long-term follow-up after weight management in obese dogs: The role of diet in preventing regain,” was published in The Veterinary Journal