A Couple of Very Happy Hippos

Have you heard about the Hippos? The Adelaide Zoo Nile Hippos to be exact! If you have taken a trip to the zoo in the last 40 years (!) then you surely would have spent a few minutes being fascinated by Brutus and Susie, the two resident Nile Hippopotamus’ who spend their days swimming, eating and generally relaxing – what a life! A long life too, these two are Australia’s oldest hippos with Brutus due to turn 52 this year!

The pair have been Adelaide Zoo favourites since they moved in from Taronga Zoo in 1975, they have had 17 calves together during that time and now deserve to do all the resting they can in their golden years.

We think these guys are just incredible, so incredible in fact, that we have sponsored them for the past fifteen years!

The Zoo relies heavily on donations in order to provide the funds necessary to assist in better husbandry, exhibiting and veterinary care of the animals, together with the improvement of the Zoo's facilities.

Animal adoption helps in their efforts of increasing the standards of animal care, and in many instances has contributed to their ability to establish successful breeding programs for rare and delicate species. Also from time to time, our veterinarians have been called upon to assist in veterinary duties at the zoo!

To find out more information about these extraordinary creatures visit: www.adelaidezoo.com.au/animals/hippopotamus/ 

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