Diabetes Alert Dogs

Australian Lions Hearing Dogs (ALHD) recently announced the development of a brand-new assistance dog program they would be offering in the future, Diabetic Alert Dogs. AdelaideVet is proud supporters of the amazing work ALHD do.

The new Diabetic Alert Dogs will initially focus on alerting type 1 non-symptomatic diabetics when their BGL is outside of a target range. Dogs start their training at 10 weeks of age, learning how to distinguish the scent of a hypoglycaemic event by being exposed to saliva samples from type 1 diabetic volunteers. Once delivered the Diabetic Alert Dogs will alert by touch when a BGL gets too low or high, retrieve a testing kit and alert in the event a recipient passes out.

As with all assistance dogs provided by Australian Lions Hearing Dogs, each Diabetic Alert Dog will be given out free of charge due to the funds raised by donations by supporters such as Adelaide Vet and generous members of the public.

Recently, AdelaideVet supported the inaugural “Dog Walk for Diabetes” run by ALHD to raise awareness and funds for the Diabetic Alert Dog Program. The event was held at the Laratinga Wetlands in Mount Barker and attracted over 100 dogs who braved the wet weather to support such a worthy cause. Please follow Australian Lions Hearing Dogs on Facebook to keep up to date with the program and other events.

Written by Melissa Carr, Veterinary Nurse.

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